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Insulation's primary role is to prevent heat loss and heat gain within your home. Insulation is most effective when air is not moving through or around it. Preventing this air movement is called air sealing. The best and most effective way of sealing your house and reduce your heating and cooling cost is with foam insulation. We use Thermal Imaging cameras to find and locate cold spots and perform Energy Audits on your home and agricultural buildings.

Tennessee Foam uses CFI Foam a specially formatted injection foam insulation designed for use in pre-insulated homes to completely fill and seal all gaps and spaces in your walls. It can be used in existing wood frame walls, masonry walls, and behind brick. Unlike blown in cellulose insulation or fiberglass insulation, foam insulation will not break down, settle or move over time.

CFI InsulSmart is an injectible foam insulation that expands fully before entering the wall cavity and hardens in place as it dries. InsulSmart can be installed from the interior or exterior of the home, and can be installed behind existing brick or block walls, including behind exterior walls of brick homes. It can also be installed in crawl spaces or basement block walls.

Foam Insulation Tax Credit

The Department of Energy estimates at least 80 million existing homes need to be re-insulated. 2008 building codes require increases in insulation for energy conservation. Filling the voids in the sidewalls prevents heated or cooled air from escaping, and stops outside air from getting in.

Homeowners are eligible to take a tax credit of 10% of the cost, up to $500, of installing Foam Insulation in their exsisting home. The credit applies to materials only and can not be applied towards the labor costs associated with the foam installation. Work must be completed between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013. For more information and to download forms, please visit the EnergyStar website.

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